In the realm of sustainable fashion, Allbirds has carved out a niche as a brand synonymous with eco-friendly innovation and comfort. From its inception with the revolutionary Merino Wool Runners to the introduction of the groundbreaking Tree Runners, Allbirds’ journey is a testament to the power of sustainable design. Let’s delve into the story of how this remarkable brand evolved, transforming the footwear industry one step at a time.

The Birth of a Revolutionary Idea

Allbirds was founded in 2016 by Tim Brown, a former New Zealand soccer player, and Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert. Brown’s idea stemmed from his frustration with the synthetic materials used in most athletic shoes. He envisioned a shoe made from natural materials that offered both comfort and environmental benefits.

Merino Wool Runners: Where It All Began

The journey began with the Merino Wool Runners. Merino wool, renowned for its softness, breathability, and temperature-regulating properties, became the cornerstone of Allbirds’ first product. The Wool Runners were designed to be the most comfortable shoes on the market, and their minimalist design and sustainability quickly captured the attention of consumers.

Why Merino Wool?

  1. Sustainability: Merino wool is a renewable resource, as sheep produce new fleeces each year.
  2. Comfort: The fine fibers of Merino wool are incredibly soft, reducing itchiness and making the shoes comfortable for all-day wear.
  3. Odor Resistance: The natural properties of Merino wool help to reduce odor, a common issue with synthetic materials.
  4. Temperature Regulation: Merino wool’s breathability keeps feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The success of the Wool Runners marked the beginning of a new era in sustainable footwear, proving that style, comfort, and environmental responsibility could coexist.

Expanding the Horizons: The Tree Runners

Building on the success of the Wool Runners, Allbirds continued to innovate. Their next big breakthrough came with the introduction of the Tree Runners, a shoe crafted from eucalyptus tree fibers. This new material brought a fresh perspective to sustainable footwear.

The Benefits of Eucalyptus Tree Fibers

  1. Eco-Friendly Production: Eucalyptus trees require significantly less water than traditional materials like cotton. Additionally, the production process for the fibers is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.
  2. Breathability: The Tree Runners offer superior breathability, making them an excellent choice for warmer climates and active lifestyles.
  3. Softness and Comfort: The fabric derived from eucalyptus fibers is incredibly smooth and silky, providing a luxurious feel.
  4. Renewable Resource: Like Merino wool, eucalyptus trees are a renewable resource, making this another sustainable choice for Allbirds.

The Impact of Allbirds’ Innovations

Allbirds’ journey from Merino Wool Runners to Tree Runners reflects their commitment to sustainability and innovation. Their use of natural materials not only reduces the environmental footprint but also challenges the industry to rethink conventional manufacturing practices.

A Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

In addition to using sustainable materials, Allbirds is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality. They measure the carbon footprint of every product, from raw materials to end of life, and offset the emissions through various environmental initiatives. This holistic approach underscores their dedication to combating climate change.

Community and Customer Engagement

Allbirds has fostered a strong community of customers who are passionate about sustainability.Through transparent communication and engaging storytelling, they have built a loyal following that supports their mission and values.


Allbirds’ journey from Merino Wool Runners to Tree Runners exemplifies how a brand can lead the charge in sustainable fashion. By prioritizing natural materials, innovative design, and environmental responsibility, Allbirds has set a new standard in the footwear industry.

Their story is not just about creating shoes but about inspiring a movement towards a more sustainable future, one step at a time.

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