In this present reality where monthly cycle has frequently been covered in shame and quiet, MyLola arises as a signal of progress, testing obsolete restrictions and reclassifying how we discuss periods. In this blog, we dive into how MyLola is reforming the discussion encompassing period and enabling ladies to embrace their bodies and their cycles without disgrace or mystery.

Destigmatizing Menstruation:

From a young age, many women are taught to conceal their periods as if they’re something to be ashamed of. MyLola believes in breaking down these barriers by fostering open, honest discussions about menstruation. By providing a platform for women to share their experiences and insights, MyLola is helping to normalize period talk and eradicate the stigma associated with it.

Education and Empowerment:

Central to MyLola’s mission is the belief that knowledge is power. Through informative resources and engaging content, MyLola educates women about their bodies, menstrual cycles, and the importance of using safe and sustainable period products. By engaging ladies with data, MyLola empowers them to pursue informed decisions about their wellbeing and prosperity.

Community and Connection:

One of the most powerful tools in combating menstrual stigma is community support. MyLola has cultivated a vibrant and inclusive community where women can connect, share stories, and find solidarity in their shared experiences. By fostering a sense of belonging and sisterhood, MyLola is breaking down barriers and building a supportive network for women worldwide.

Innovation in Period Products:

MyLola is not just redefining period talk; it’s also revolutionizing period products. With a promise to straightforwardness, maintainability, and quality, MyLola offers a scope of natural cotton tampons, cushions, liners, and feminine cups that are liberated from hurtful synthetics and added substances. By prioritizing women’s health and environmental sustainability, MyLola is leading the way in the menstrual product industry.


Breaking taboos surrounding menstruation is no small feat, but with organizations like MyLola leading the charge, change is possible. By redefining period talk, empowering women with knowledge and support, and innovating in the realm of period products, MyLola is transforming the way we think about and experience menstruation. Together, we can break down barriers, challenge stigma, and create a world where periods are celebrated, not hidden away. Join the movement with MyLola and be part of the change.

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